Friday, November 17, 2006

the surreal.

okay i am finally back. Alevels had not ended but i self-declare that it ended eons ago. haha its so long and draggy. Papers were so-so, stop asking me about it!! haha and if you're observant enough, you'll realise that i'm the first one to dash out of the exam venue after every paper. Just dont like to discuss answers. even daddy thinks that i FLEW to his car.

Thanks ma and pa for being so understanding, i really did my best, so yes no matter what the outcome is, we'll just have to accept it!! God has been with me all this while. speaking of which, i better stop church-hopping. will be visiting joel's moriah, wanjui's aldersgate.Just want to enjoy myself and play like crazy till march. Bangkok and Taipei here i comeeeeeeee!! and darling fangli is jetting on the night of her last paper i think :D cool right? the wonderful JAMES had already flew to hongkong after his lastpaper, which is econs!! :(

And jiaying here is unemployed and poor. haha DR.Yeo, please employ me!! your manager havent contacted me yet :( HPB is giving me so much stress!!! :( haha see i'm so efficient, hunted for jobs even before the completion of my exams! But yeah actually need to pay my outstanding bills for my leg surgery by my very very nice neighbour, so yes i'll probably be a health assistant at his clinic. I'm actually quite excited about working but the job scope will be pretty physical. Arranging medicine? haha and that means i have to visit WANYANG more often. plus i want to earn money to buy my macbook, feel like being independent and not depend on pa and ma all the time! And also whitening my teeth with Germaine.

Recently saw me going crazy about running. 6km on average a day. no easy feat, but its all about endurance. Fortunately, my poor knee's recovering. Check out the interesting feature by .you can calculate your jogging route by plotting your route, kithwee told me casually on our macdonalds studytrip and i was pretty intrigued!! oh and yes, anyone wants to buy my standardchartered half???? letting it go at $30? cant go cos i going Bangkok!! yay cant wait for outing, partner!! miss ya. haha and please run to eastcoast with me. hey i just checked out streetdirectory, my hse to ur hse is only 5.7 km!!!
okay enough of my whole chunk of rants which simply summarise my last month of missing-in-action. check out my new Fujifilm f30, introduced by sukuen (her blog and her gorgeous pictures left me in awe, so i couldnt resist it and got myself one at simlim since my canon isus is ageing!!). The ISO 3200 is powerful. nightshots are crisp, clear without flash. but the downside is that its heavy and bulky. what to do? As long as it gives me pretty quality pictures, its still worthwhile, no? And after tuesday when i'm finally free, i'll go read up on Adobe photoshop. daddy very sweetly borrowed the book and disc from the library for me.
(haha cos he secretly wants to learn too but jus too busy. poor daddy!)

WOOOHOO, i just cant wait for tuesday. For now, some dickens before i go sleep and aerobics with mummy at maplewood tmr morning. goodnight!
and gosh i miss supper and night out with you.
sometimes i wish i could turn back time.

jiaying on 10:59 AM