Thursday, November 23, 2006

SMILEeeeee : )
(haha we have to wear this badge everyday!! our lousy doctors' idea. LOL )
Jiaying is so clever. okay so i was SOOOOO damn tired after work,pomp on the bed immediately after i reached home, fell asleep holding my hp in my hand, while my hands were lying outside the bed. (papa thinks i look like a zombie, serious my position was funnnny!) haha probably too stressed at work, I think I hallucinated, thought i was disposing some rubbish at the clinic, so i released the phone in my hand and TA-DAH!! bleahhh it cracked open :(

The clinic people are uber fun to be with!! got to know a new friend Adrianne who is so willing to teach me stuff. but the accounting part is so tedious. swipe the ATM card, deposit cash, print queue list, stapler the receipts, chop and blahblah. ARGHH hate that. I think i'll bring with me a notebook tmr to jot down the steps. And i get free MEALS from our doctors (yong tau foo for today)!! But Dr.Goh is abit eccentric. weirdo cos he loves Geomancy? and he asked me to read this book called ICHING. okay and i got blistered fingers again :(

That's all. some bible-study before i really have to turn in early again :)

jiaying on 8:24 PM