Wednesday, November 29, 2006

on this fine sunday morning, Dr.yeo brought me to his church @ bethel presbyterian. so we all squeezed into his very huge family car. i felt kind of out of place at first cos i was the only outsider (besides the maid). but being with his family was such a joy. we got along pretty quickly. the kids are awesome, so bubbly and playful. sermon was okay but couldnt really understand at first. but i like bible-study there. A very traditional chuch (which i like). will probably settle down soon here i guess.

After which i went mala hotpot with Dr.yeo and his wife (wenyan) and Andrew (dr.yeo's brother). haha very weird combi but it was fun. andrew and me were suan-ing each other. The MALA was really hot. then went to his house for them to get changed and we headed down to allsaints home to mingle with the oldfolks. very interesting day and i really enjoyed myself.
once again, i really thank god for giving me this chance to be acquainted with them. (haha and as what dr.yeo said, ' It all started with the pimple on my thigh' Its God's plan.)

afterwhich, met my dear partner!!!

we had authentic chinese food. crystal jade for dinner :)

and qianyu says i'm obsessed in photography. but these ornaments are so cute, yeah?

we haven't met for eons since the horrible alevels started. yayy and we finally met on this fine sunday. haha and we stupidly paid for $9.50 (but what to do? jiaying is a busywoman!!!) to watch step up which was fantastic i'd say. the guy's hot ;)
we were basically roaming about the whole stretch of orchard road. orchard christmas lights are very pretty too and i was snapping away like an idiot (sorry dear!). can't wait for christmas again. haha and yes we trailed from one end of Lido to plaza singapura to marvel at the pretty lights,until we part for home. I'll miss you alot, girl. enjoy your trip in shanghai!!


suntec's christmas decor is uber gorgeous. so my schedule's been pretty hectic for the past week. i had to work on saturdays too cos medical aesthetics is really busy on saturdays especially. and i really pity my dear siau chooi who's been with Dr. Yeo for 2 years i think.
met kit after work and we headed down to suntec for hillsong worship concert @New Creation (invitation by mr.botak). yes it was quite good. the majority were wild and hyper but me and kit were kinda 'mild'. haha but i enjoyed myself though i was very very exhausted.

okay so it's time for a break for me, finally. pingpong farewell chalet tonight@ costa sands and it will be bangkok with the parents and granny tmr night. 930pm flight. and GENTING with the yeo's after bangkok (maybe, but unlikely) :) :) :)
alright, i'm late for work. Till then. GOD BLESS EVERYONE :D

Gracia: hey sweet, sorry very busy these few days. i promise i'll go swimming with you after i'm back from bangkok!
Fangli: SWEETHEART!! back from china? i miss you too. please contact me sooooooon k?
Amanda: If you happen to see this, a virtual reply that i'll be at your bday party!!

jiaying on 8:16 AM