Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Here's presenting to you our very beautiful maplewood park. check out the interesting tree, 6 storeys high!! (looks like xmas tree, no?) And ultimate coolness, my new baby is so capable of taking pretty shots! macro mode is so SHARP.haha i actually got quite alot of stares from random ppl for crazily snapping away :) oh how i'll miss this wonderful haven if i were to leave this place. They have like all kind of varieties and i guess i can only name less than half of the varieties!!

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so i had a really fruitful(literally) day at the market. i woke up really early so i was asked to run an errand for mummy. they had some flea market there and it was REALLY crowded.saw huimin setting up a stall, waving frantically to her but she couldnt see me :( wow it took me like almost 5mins to move from one end of the market to another. bought many many fruits and i finished 1/4 of them on my way home. :D
i wish every other day could be like this.

Arghh, posting photos on blogger is such a pain in the ass. i think i will still stick to photobucket and picasa. okay off to last bit of literature :D

jiaying on 12:22 PM