Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First Day at Work :)
( i hope they wont sue me for posting this, nothing confidential right?)
Today saw me as a trainee health assistant at central clinic. pretty fun. very very friendly and funky colleauges. cracking jokes all the time. suaning each other.and i bet they laugh louder than my maggi-mee changlili!! quite stressful though. they were busy looking for locums. not enough doctors so poor Dr. yeo had to come back though he was on leave. I learnt quite abit today i guess. picked up the procedures pretty quickly.registering patients, dispensing medicine and searching for the cards which can be rather tedious. blisters on my fingers. got cuts by the sharp aluminium medicine foil. but its pretty good exercise :)

You also get to experience encounters with problematic patients. There's this really rude lady who wanted to claim an insurance medical report and she just refused to pay that $50 cos she insist that she dont have to. Poor Ms. Lim and kaiting had to explain to her. showing her the SMA guidelines and blahblah. she made really harsh remarks on their service and it was quite scary!! I had a talk with the HR manager with regards to my commitment and stuff.i like her alot!! she's one of the most pretty mama i've seen :D

anyway, thanks to kaiting, Desmond, Grace and winnie for guiding me today. and not forgetting DR.YEO for introducing the job to me.haha and yes, for training me so hard, i wont possibly just run away like that la!! okay i'm tired. will have my beauty sleep now before i head to work at 7 tmr. BLEAH!!
goodnight & godbless!

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